Reading for Comfort and Joy

Back some years ago, a friend from high school gifted me a copy of Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Because it approaches topics gently and in an uplifting manner, I've recently begun reading it again to help in my winter blahs self-treatment regime.

Oddly enough, the page I read each day, or a couple of pages if I'm behind, is/are usually very a propos to what happened to me or what I'm feeling.

It's no small coincidence that this author's work follows in a similar vein to that of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. These types of books are drawing me big time lately.

Abundance and The Writer's Way are about taking stock of what overwhelming things we're feeling and experiencing, acknowledging them, taking some steps to correct/change those things within our control, and hopefully moving forward with renewed vigor.

Abundance is a daily affirmation book where you have one page to each day of the year. Topics range from simple joys like reading to more complicated topics such as managing one's grief.

I've taken to reading Abudance then segue to my daily journal. Sometimes, I don't feel like journaling, so I just let the lesson absorb into my unconscious--or I'm still negotiating some stuff that I'm going through. But it can serve as a great springboard to journaling.

Each day is kicked off with a great quote about the day's lesson. I sometimes copy those quotes, or meaningful sentences in the day's lesson onto my blog because I really like them.

Whatever your flavor this holiday season, if you suffer from even a mild case of the winter blahs, reading uplifting books a little bite at a time can really count as an important baby step in a "better" direction.

Here's to uplifting comfort and joy during this season, and always.