Reading: Game of Thrones Update

I just finished reading book five in the Game of Thrones series, and I'm as annoyed as ever at the cliffhangers.

I knew he would end up attacking and/or killing favorite characters...when you have that many characters, you just know some need to go. I can't believe I've been reading this stuff since September? October? Gah.

There's a chapter, based on Theon Greyjoy, from book 6 (The Winds of Winter) on George R.R. Martin's website, and it has some serious typos at the very beginning. I can see how the editors really polish his writing into what we end up seeing on the page (or e-page, in my case).

We don't know when this next book is coming out, though I've read it may be at the end of March. I think they're pacing the books and series at this point, using the excuse that he's rewriting and writing both book six, and the final book (seven) and it's taking some time. Love predicting publisher's demand creation tactics--very a la Don Draper.

PS - Am I the only one who thinks that Daenerys is a Typhoid Mary? Everyone wants her dragons and to ride the coattails of her right to the Iron Throne, and yet she brings misery and destruction everywhere she goes.