A Clean Intention

I debated what to call this post, so a clean intention is the best I could do. So there. The truth of the matter is, that I just started a 10-day wellness program at my (the!) local yoga studio, Living Yoga Aurora.

I've never been much of a fan of detoxing, rather been very skeptical. However, ever since I became vegetarian, then pescatarian, them omnivorous again, I've been much more open to the whole-plant-based diet and its derivatives.

In Italy, growing up, we only ate natural products in simple but efficient recipes. I was never hungry and ate a variety of items so I knew I'd get all my vitamins and minerals. Not so these days, regrettably.

I've been meaning to wean myself off of processed grain foods (bread and pasta mostly) since my first visit with the naturopathic doctor I visited in mid 2012. I've opted to return to trusted sources such as Michael Pollan, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Weil, and Ellie Krieger for guidance in the past couple of years.

Not only do books, blogs, and Facebook pages provide great perspectives and research on plant-based diets, but there's always websites like Kashi and Whole Foods which espouse the whole grains and whole plant source mindset--and they have great meal ideas and recipes on their websites.

So, after passing up about three to four different wellness programs at the yoga studio, I stopped being a chicken and dove right into this 10-day program. The 2-day juice fast includes three juices per day plus a juice-fast friendly meal (soup and salad). This is then followed by an 8-day gluten/animal protein/sugar free diet. We do get to eat dairy, fish, and soy-based items if we want, so our protein intake and food varieties are taken care of. This isn't as strict as the usual 21-day program.

The dietitian co-sponsoring our wellness program provided us a list of allowable foods that we can use and some amazing recipes for the eight days. I did a little shopping in preparation for Monday through Monday's diet.

my journal vision board
The wellness program includes a body-mind aspect to it and focuses on slowing down to notice things, being more careful with oneself, observing emotions and trains of thoughts and requires some time be spent in meditation, yoga, and journaling.

I've already started to notice a few things since this morning. I also attended today an intention and vision boarding workshop at the yoga studio, which I found restorative and informative. I learned a bit more about my mindset and my subconscious. It proved to be great lubrication for my journal writing.

The best part about the detox program is that the juices and one daily meal during this first, tough two-day period is from none other than Two Mothers. What a great sustainable kitchen! I love everything they make 'cause it's amazing, fresh, delicious, creative, filling, and I just love em to death. Even though they're pricey.

Let's see how I feel tomorrow morning! I can hear my stomach grumbling, but it's doing it in a good way.