My Good Intentions for 2013

I developed some intentions for myself in 2013:
  • enjoy a healthy lifestyle - I've gone back to yoga and will add back in my 15-20 minute gym workouts as well.
  • have daily routines and rituals that expand the balance, joy, and focus I experience in my life
  • find meaningful work that is rewarding to me - any type of work, busyness  reading, or other projects. Not just 9-to-5.
  • draw to myself helpful and supportive mentors and guides - I'm reading up about Chicago's publishing and editing news sources, associations, and experts to learn more about this environment. It draws me very much.
  • find balance in both my emotions and lifestyle
  • find joy in small and big things in everyday life - sometimes, these things don't need to be photographed to share, or typed out in social media. Sometimes, these are just for me.
  • find focus in both the future and the present - projects I can look forward to, enjoy working on, and look back on with a feeling of accomplishment when they're done.
These are being taken care of via a variety of initiatives I've begun, which I won't go into detail here. A lot depends on setting goals and projects for myself that I look forward to, work on until they're accomplished, and then can look back on once completed with a sense of accomplishment.

I think these intentions create a  solid structure where I can be a more successful and happy person in the various roles I play on an everyday basis. I need to remember one needs to walk well before s/he can begin to run.

Wish us luck! Do you have intentions, goals, and resolutions for 2013?