Routine and Rituals

I have a lifestyle plan for 2013: develop healthy lifestyle routines and rituals to expand the balance, joy, and focus I experience in my life.

Lately my schedule, attitude, and circumstances have combined to develop an unpredictable lifestyle that's wearing me out emotionally and mentally. As a consequence, I am a bit of a grumpy pants. That's no fun!

You'd think that developing a daily routine and rituals is a no brainer. After all, doing the same thing every day leads to...well, a routine. However, the rat race distracts us and we need to step back and refocus.

So, my first step is taking better care of myself, both inside and out. I've been getting needed medical attention and I am increasing the amount of exercise I get.

My second step is reviewing my daily and weekly routines. A solid foundation of enough restorative sleep/rest is a must for me--else I'll be a zombie. Mental breaks and a consistent eating schedule with varied foods can do wonders.

My third step is developing a more structured breakfast ritual. Rather than mad-dash it, like I usually do, something as simple as making the perfect cup of tea (in my favorite commuter cup) and maybe a quick protein meal before heading out can make a positive impact on the rest of my day.

Similarly, developing an "unplugging" routine after work can also be a great practice. Then, at night, I'll more readily be able to usher the mind into a more restful place in preparation for bed and rest.

Creativity dates during the weekends can nourish the soul and mind. I need to pick things to do that can be different and interesting. I miss taking photos and need to pick that habit up again.

Developing routines and rituals serves to build a self-feeding productive/positive cycle that can do wonders mentally and emotionally. Taking the time will pay off in many ways.

By taking the time to nourish yourself, you and those around you will benefit.

I'm nosy so I love reading about other people's routines. There's a variety of resources to help you read up and be inspired. Here's a couple of my recent favorites: