Something to Yelp About

I just found out today that I've been honored for the seventh consecutive year with the Yelp Elite status. Yey me!

I thought it was going to pass me up this year because the regional manager had told me I hadn't posted nearly enough posts by the time October and November came around and that I should really hustle or else Yelp HQ would revoke my badges. That was kind of harsh and I got miffed and responded with a smart ass response, so I thought I surely would get the boot. Thankfully, no such bad luck. I rushed to post reviews for all my everyday type of places that I go to and don't think to review.

I have completed over 660 reviews now. I like Yelping because it's a way I can share my experiences in a written way. Also, I get to know a lot of cool people via their reviews and their comments. It's also nice when someone drops a comment or compliment. Many business owners take the time to read the reviews and provide responses or thank yous. It's kinda cool.

Yelp Elite includes special invitations to outings at local places so you can network with other Yelpers and get to know a local place that you may not have tried out before. I haven't been to any such events yet, but there may be some in 2013 that may draw my attention. I think that's pretty much the only benefit to being an Elite, with the exception of the cool badge they put on your profile on yelp. There's no commercial remuneration of any type.

Thank you Yelp HQ! Here's to another great year of reviews.