The Words Circling My Drain

Of late, I've noticed several positive and negative words and concepts circling through my mind:

  • positive thinking
  • grief and loss
  • forgotten
  • overruled
  • overwhelmed
  • change
  • new start
  • fatigue
  • try something new
  • resilience
  • fulfillment
  • finding meaning
  • rewarding
  • appreciation
  • recognition
  • identity
  • perception
  • relevant
  • objectives and goals
  • routines and habits
  • self-care
  • time to smell the roses
  • restorative
  • adventure
I think I see a pattern developing.

I decided I'm going to translate those concepts into the following:

Seek emotional and intellectual nourishment through new experiences and old favorites to restore the creative energy and perspective that allows to engage more fully in being in the moment and setting up important milestones in the future.