Happy Lunar New Year!

The Chinese are celebrating the lunar year today. This will be the year of the black or water snake.

According to HanBan.com's page:
  • 2013 is the year of the black/water snake (can't help but think of Kill Bill and the Black Mamba :P ).
  • water snakes are usually lucky with finances and return on investment.
  • the Black Snake will bring people unexpected changes, instability, and changeability--that's why it's important to plan things ahead this year. 
  • the year's themes are: steady progress, attention to detail, focus, and discipline.
  • it is a good year to begin important detail work, research, and investigation.
The Snake, the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, is enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined, and collected.

Tarot.com offers free Chinese Horoscope readings for the Year of the Snake--and there's a little calculator towards the middle/bottom of the page to help you figure out which Chinese Astrology sign you are, if you don't already know.

Whatever your sign, keeping a positive outlook and the ability to persevere will help you achieve your goals this year and always.
PS - in an amazing feat of coincidence, the significant-other unit prepared fresh-squeezed tangerine juice this morning. Tangerines are considered a good luck gift during the new year celebrations. :o) See the Chow page for 10 Good Luck Foods for the Chinese New Year.