Things That Bug Me

I am going to start a series of posts intended to show how ridiculous some of the things are that happen to me, and how sometimes the things aren't really all that bad and I'm overreacting--but don't realize it until after I write it out.

Today's episode features three amazing events:

Last night at around 11:45 pm the significant other came upstairs to bed while I was drifting off to sleep. He accidentally toppled (again) something from his night stand onto the laminate floor with a tremendous clatter. Which stirred me awake, shocked and alarmed. According to research studies, people take approximately 15 minutes to drift off into sleep. This morning, at around 5:00 am, the significant other came back upstairs after walking the dog to get his electronic devices from his night stand and dropped (again) something on the floor with a tremendous clatter. Which stirred and alarmed me, and made me swear. That was exactly one hour before I'm supposed to actually get out of bed. According to research studies, people whose sleep is interrupted during deep sleep cycles are cranky and exhausted and don't operate to their full abilities.

This afternoon, I stopped by the deli in our office building. As I was walking in, on the far right by the cashier a young man was putting his underlayer shirt back into his pants, pulled up his pants since a good couple of inches of underwear were visible, and buckled the pants back up. That was near the salad bar, in case you were wondering. I have no idea what that was about, and I am glad (oh my god, am I ever so glad) that I don't eat from the salad bar nook. As I proceeded to the area where one orders at the counter, there's plated examples of the day's specials, as well as the little write-ups on little table top stands. Two women were hogging approximately ten square feet of space (elbows raised above the hips, feet wide apart at attention) as they discussed some programming challenge their team was experiencing today. When a deli staff member tried to approach, to ask them whether they needed something else, the two women kept on talking as if nothing had happened. The staff member then looked at me and asked for my order, which I tried to say over the loud voices of the two women. They looked at him, looked at me, and moved over 1.5 feet to the right. Perhaps they finally realized they weren't alone in the deli?

I come to work and all the ceiling neon lights are on, because, you know, it's an office building that pays its electric bill and that's what's expected in an office. But at close to 8:00 am a staff member arrives in a huff, turns one of the switches off, and leaves half the ceiling lights on and the other half off. I've mentioned at least twice last month that I need to have the light above my cubicle on, so to please watch which switch this person turns off. Which seems like a reasonable compromise, yeah? Because I do a lot of editing, reading, and writing and my eyesight can only withstand so much dim lighting. Well, yesterday the staff member came in and turned off the light switch that affects the light set that includes the one above my cubicle. So I turned on the desk top light and the under cabinet light and squinted away at an 89-page manuscript for a couple of minutes. Finally, rubbing my eyes, I went over and switched the correct light switch on and turned the other one off. When I walked over to my desk again, I realized one of the neon bulbs had burned out. I sent a courteous reminder to the administrative professional who helps to manage the office space. When could the building maintenance people come on over to replace the burned out bulb? Also, I made mention that it's hard to see when staff already turn half the ceiling lights off. Guess what? She made a point of making me turn the switch back on and then she went over to the staff member (who I never named, mind you, amazing her deduction ability) and told her I needed all the lights on. The staff member replied: I'll have to wear sunglasses then because it's too bright. I wanted to suggest (oh so badly) a bloody mary and two aspirin.