Things That Bug Me

I went to get a medical diagnostic imaging exam. The lady looks at me and says, are you planning on having children? I say no, not really. She says, oh because I was going to give you a lead apron to wear, but if you're not going to have any then you dont' need it. Me: wha?

So after a moment of being stunned, and regaining my train of thought, I say to her: you know what? on second thought, I'll go ahead and wear the apron. There's been people in my family who have suffered from and died of cancer and complications to their kidneys, so I'll be on the safe side.

I can't imagine why someone who is testing me to see that I am healthy, would disregard my health when it comes to wearing a led apron to protect my internal organs, just because I'm not planning on having children. What am I, chopped liver?