Gettin' on a Jet Plane

I am very excited! I get to go on a short vacation/long-weekend trip to London. Yey! I definitely need to unplug from my day-to-day and rest a little, and soak up some exciting new sights.

This mini-vacation comes courtesy of my parents who are traveling elsewhere in Europe attending a conference. We'll meet up Thursday and have a full itinerary of things to do and see. It's very exciting. Mom is a great planner.

I've been going through my little carry-on luggage at least 3 times since last Monday. And yes, all my liquids fit neatly into a quart baggie. Amazing right? I've got it all down. Everything's ready to go.

I'm definitely nervous and happy about my trip. What little I've seen of England and the United Kingdom in general, I've really liked.

I've often heard my mom discuss her memories of growing up and going to college in the UK. Inspiring my very own appreciation from afar. Many gals my age dream with one day going to Paris. Well, I've instead dreamt of London.

I actually get a little verclempt. One of my all time favorite people ever, my maternal grandpa, was from London. I wonder what sights he would show me if he could have come along on this trip.

I was planning on taking the underground (tube @ £6 from zone 6 to the city center) from the airport to the park near our hotel and walking over to get a full taste and immerse myself rather immediately. So, unless it's raining, which it may very well be during our trip, I'll be taking the Tube. If I'm overly tired from the trip and/or it's raining I'll likely just cab it over (~£65)--I hope it's a little black cab, I love those!

Here's to lovely places, wherever they may be for each of us.