I Spy: Starbucks Edition

I was sitting at a two-chair table that they placed where the sugar table used to be, at the Fountain Square Starbucks. I cut my oatmeal cookie roughly in half and proceeded to dunk for four to five seconds into a tall very foamy caramel macchiato. Each bite was better than the last.

For some reason I was people watching, instead of hiding myself inside my bag or smartphone. Like I usually do. I can never escape hiding inside my thoughts though.

It's a bright sunny day today. The breeze would topple over a small child, but at least it's sunny. It's the kind of day when you feel the warmth on your skin. Maybe close your eyes for a second or two and enjoy it. The rays that reach you want to be acknowledged. They say hi. Each bit of warmth settles on your skin while the hope of a seasonal change, of Spring being around the corner, becomes that much more real.

A man walked out. I saw he was wearing a brown leather jacket. The kind you might wear on a motorcycle. It looked newish. The shape indicated it was definitely not the kind of jacket that Indiana Jones wore. He was broad shouldered, which was further emphasized by his wearing the jacket unzipped. He wore his leather jacket over his navy pinstripe suit today. I admire his audacity.