Old Favorite Songs

For some reason, I've been thinking over the last couple of weeks or so of songs that I used to listen to on the radio when I was really small--around 4-6 years old or younger.

I remember "fly me to the moon," "killing me softly," "new york," and "copacabana." That's the extent of my memory. I know that there may have been other more current songs as well, perhaps Genesis/Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, etc. But I don't recall the songs I kept hearing.

I do remember later, perhaps when I was 6-7 that I liked songs on the radio like "she works hard for the money," and Flashdance favorites like "what a feeling," "maniac," and "flashdance."

I remember loving both of the Michael Jackson cassettes my mom bought, one of which was the Thriller cassette cover where he shows up in an inside centerfold-like pic with an impeccable white suit and baby tiger. Adorable!

I remember my parents buying our first ever walkman on one of our many trips to Pittsburgh along with Bruce Springsteen's "born n the USA" cassette cover featuring a jeans pant pocket with a red handkerchief and a flag as background. I also recall my parents bought Prince and the Revolution's purple rain cassette at the same time, and which we all hated.

I remember several songs by Phil Collins, like "one more night," and "sussudio" cause I sang along in the car without knowing what the heck I was saying or mispronouncing. For some reason I associate those songs to road trips to Disney.

Sometimes, on long drives, my parents used to lower the radio all of a sudden when I was trying to belt out lyrics I made up to match the sounds the singers made, and would chuckle and try to correct me or make fun of me. I sure thought I matched the song's words, in my own way hehe.

I also remember in spring of 1990 how some old favorites had begun to seem a little stale, and that music was changing a bit. The last time I noticed music changing was 1998, when I graduated from college. yet now, when I listen to music from the 1990s and early 2000s, I can notice a bit of a difference too.

We sure took long car rides in the 80s and music made a great background. Good times.