Touchy Feely Business: Gee Ya Think?

I am unendingly fascinated by the role of ethics and soft skills in leadership environments. I was reading my business news resources today and was surprised by two posts/articles which, essentially, focus on what I'd consider common sense. Now, they're not the best pieces of writing (particularly based on their titles) but the point is, they seem to revisit common sense concepts of emotional intelligence, sensitivity, establishing a safe working environment, and thinking of the whole ahead of the individual. So here's the two pieces that got me started:

First is SmartBlog for Leadership's Do I dare say something? How to be assertive at work
"Building a good reputation as a competent, capable professional who is primarily interested in the good of the organization rather than gaining personal power helps create a solid base."
In discussing personal branding and reputation, it's essential one not only seem but actually care for the work is doing and the company one is with. This person becomes a reliable pillar for superiors to rely on in a time of need.

Second is The Washington Post's Capital Business, with Can empathy play an important role in a successful career?
"agency theory, he said teaches that managers tend to be “opportunistic and self-serving,” a prophecy these students might go on to fulfill."
I've been reading for YEARS now that business majors generally have narcissistic tendencies from the outset. There haven't been many articles on curtailing these natural tendencies, but the fact that they exist keeps popping up in my reading.