Trip to London Town

I finally got a long-time wish fulfilled, to visit London! Four days of a whirlwind of activity and must-sees.

I really enjoyed the city and all we saw, tasted, and perused: tea time, pubs, British Museum, Stonehenge, Lacock, Windsor Castle, and Bath. I wasn't too keen on the unseasonably frigid Spring weather.

Teatime is something I can totally dive into, and am going to make a civilized tea break a part of my daily routine, whenever I feel the need.

I also visited famous department stores such as Harrods, Selfridge's, and Marks & Spencer. I even got to visit a tiny Boots (I like to call those Booties). I was searching for rose scented anything, and got a great rose jelly and a Scottish rose soap in a tin from Harrods. I bought a pair of Thomas Sabo sterling silver rose disc stud earrings from Selfridge's, and nothing from M&S :( I didn't like anything there.

Good times all around, and lots left for a future visit. Here are some pics I captured during my trip.