Blog Anniversary and Birthday

April 4, 2005 was the date I started this blog. It emerged from a sense that I needed an outlet. A sense of frustration with how things were. A need to reach out outside of my shrinking box, without ruffling too many watchful eyes' feathers.

It's been a fun ride. Even though a majority of my blog posts are not tied together by the crisp, clean thin thread of planned objectives, monetization, or hot pursuit of fame and fortune.
birthday sacher torte - I wish!

It's a dear diary that I conveniently forget is read by others outside my little tiny box and corner of the world. It's creepy to think that, yes indeedy, people far away can and will read and judge my little diatribes. But judging is what people do best--yet so very few are best at judging.

What I hope also happens is some nugget gets stored in people's subconscious and a creative spark emerges from the embers at some later point. Maybe as an act of kindness, to themselves or others around them. Maybe sharing one of my foolishnesses, either of action or thought, prevents another person from falling there as well.

Cheers to things we stick to. Cheers to new discoveries and adventures. Cheers to dear, constant readers (sorry for the plagiarism, there, Steve O').

And in other news, here's to another year of life, I'm officially on the other side of the fence of mid-thirties on April 9. It might sink in in five years ;oP