Grandma Titti's Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of the death of my grandma Titti (Caterina). She was my dad's mom, and she took care of my uncle Mario.

I remember her fondly for a sense of caring and service--she used to volunteer at her church all the time. She always showed me a lot of love, even from far away, sending me little gifts whenever my dad used to visit her on those rare occasions while living overseas and far, far away from home.

It's difficult having family and being far away from them, especially for extended periods of time. But it's an amazing feeling when we're able to spend time together and enjoy each other's company.

I definitely spent a number of sunny afternoons on the occasional visit to Italy with nonna Titti and uncle Mario, while sipping a cup or two of tea and several delicious pasticcini from the nearby pastry shop and bakery.

Her health suffered terribly after being run over by a careless driver while crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing. Her illnesses caused her great agony, both physically and as her mental faculties left her progressively less able to care for herself.

I remember her asking many questions about us and our life away from home. I also remember her fondly for her dramatic sense and demeanor, and for having done me so many little kindnesses to show me I was family, even though I lived far far away for such a long time.

Grazie nonna Titti, ti ricordo sempre. Un bacione.

Please go hug a loved one today.