I'm Sick

Yes, folks, my superhuman powers have failed me. After about two to two and a half months of coughing and sneezing co-workers I've now caught quite a nasty sore throat virus. I have zero voice with this serious laryngitis, and have a severe post-nasal drip.

I visited my local CVS pharmacy's Minute Clinic, and was impressed on my first ever visit. The nice doctor did a five-minute strep throat test and it came out negative. She did take a second swab--omg try taking a throat swab when you have a sore throat. Gag central--and will have results in 24 to 48 hours.

I've been self-medicating with hot water, lemon juice, honey, and cayenne pepper all mixed up in my favorite mug. I've also tried to eat two meals a day, one of them being my all-time favorite Progresso brand soup: light chicken noodle.

Today I impulse bought PG Tips tea bags on my way out of CVS and am enjoying some hot milk tea to keep the throat moist and get that drip taken care of.

I honestly can't even answer the phone. I tell my dog we'll go walkie and he doesn't hear me, so I have to use pointing and clap my hands to get his attention.

It's my second day home from work, so I've been trying to keep up with email--thankfully, a large portion of work is already taken care of for two publications I'm working on.

I'm going to go to work tomorrow, Friday, to make sure I don't let anything fall between the cracks. I can't promise I'll have a voice tho, so I'll put my phone on DND.

I am seriously considering investing in a face mask for work moving forward, and I am going to bring out my disinfectant spray and occasionally spray my cubicle and surrounding area to make sure germies don't get me. I'd rather be anal retentive about this moving forward, than have to put up with this agonizing, inconvenient dry, raspy throat issue.

I think it's admirable for people to put up with their own contagious illnesses at work, but I definitely don't appreciate catching it after it's been around and everyone's immune system has mutated the virus so that I can catch it.