It's Ms. Influenza To You

Run away I'm sick. Germified. The influenza's got me good. I slept through the entire weekend except for those instances when a bronchitis-like cough shook me up. I'm the dead come alive today.

I hate fever, chills, sweats, coughing, mucous, and sneezing. I also hate sinus congestion. This is the last time I skip on the flu shot. It was an accident, I was sick at the time my office arranged for it, and couldn't get it done. Next time, I'll just pay and get it over with.

I've been eating raw garlic in two kinds of soup, lots of hot tea, and lots of ginger/honey tea. Sleep seems to be the only thing that helps. Today's really windy so I keep waking up.

Oy. And I missed my blog's anniversary on April 4th. Can't imagine my birthday, tomorrow will be any better. At least there's Benny, who keeps me company during my naps.