New Project: Vintage Shop

I started an online vintage wares shop (Elisa's Treasures), and may begin selling as well in a couple of local vintage shops if everything turns out ok. Isn't this exciting?!

Live within your means has been a strong, resonant phrase for me over the last few years. So I may very well finally be joining them since I can't beat them. I've begun downsizing my home and possessions, and I'm liking the feeling so far.

So I began with some simple preparations. I scanned a couple of rooms mentally and then visually. I picked some items that--although I love dearly and that's why they're in my home--I can/need to liquidate to 1) tidy up clutter, 2) simplify my lifestyle, 3) get a little bit of revenue liquidity.

Having less things means there's less things to tidy up, clean up, or maintain. Which is a HUGE bonus in my book.

So, yesterday, while I was high on an espresso drink I had at LavAzza in Naperville I began pulling items off shelves, out of cabinets, and out of other corners, nooks, and crannies and placed them on our dining room table. I gave them a once over, added more items, and began cleaning everything up so it was shiny and new.

An inventory was immediately taken. Then photographs of each individual item were set up over a white drapey fabric in a very well illuminated corner of my living room. A handful of hours later, I ended up with an Excel spreadsheet inventory and a photo gallery totaling close to 100 pieces that are ready to sell.

I set up a blog store front at http://elisastreasures.blogspot.com. I figure I might as well be well-organized in this initiative if it's to go anywhere. The blog is more like an online shop where I introduce the tone and character of my collection, provide a gallery of images for some of the items, and provide ways for folks to get in touch with me.

Wish me luck guys.