Spring Showers

...have been more like spring baths. Illinois cities are under a state of emergency after 24 hours of continued heavy rains. It hasn't been this bad since probably 2007.

A number of coworkers, friends, and associates have suffered flooding in their homes as retention ponds, water features, and other water bodies nearby overflowed to unbelievable levels.

From what I've read the Mississippi River rose 10 feet in 36 hours, the Fox River is more than 3.21 feet over its flood stage, and the DuPage River is about 6.5 feet over flood stage.

I've been keeping an eye on the NOAA flood reports and weather reports as well. Thankfully, our home is high and dry, but the area around us is quite soggy and rather flooded. Diehl Rd is unpassable just North of Eola Rd due to a retention pond or two that have overflowed extensively over the roadway.

Today it was hailing lightly and winds picked up considerably for near-zero temps :oS

Stay dry and safe everyone! I hope the weekend brings some reprieve.