Minecraft Update

Back in February or March I discovered the world of Minecraft. I've played it on and off. It took me a while to get acquainted with the ins and outs, and used YouTube videos to learn the ropes as I was playing.

The mobs used to give me anxiety attacks at the very beginning. Now, I prefer playing it in creative to develop interesting structures.

The first YouTube channel that I started watching regularly was Haydz. His tone of voice and narrative aren't the best, but I love his creativity and ingenious blend of other creators' work into his own creations. It's really funny when he makes a mistake and he calls himself a n00b or derp. Best of all, he doesn't talk down to the viewer.

I keep watching YouTube Let's Play and other Minecraft related videos. I have quite a few favorite channels:
I've gotten to know Etho's Lab from watching other people's videos and heard them mention Etho. Etho's calm voice and ingenuity are inspiring. I've watched all his Let's Play videos from the very beginning. He's one of the Minecrafters who doesn't swear, kind of a tiny tribe of Minecrafters that make watching their vids enjoyable despite not swearing.

After watching Etho, I learned about VintageBeef and PauseUnpause. These two are my second favorites after Etho. Pause swears like a sailor but is hilarious when he gets irritated at the maps and mobs. 

VintageBeef is what I would call the most approachable, happy medium between Etho and Pause. I love Vintage's Wild West town project on Mindcrack. 

I learned about Guude from watching the Mindcrack competitions these guys have among themselves. Each of the players uploads a perspective of their competition. They're a ton of fun to watch. They're great commentators. You feel the thrill with them as they explore a new cave, escape a zombie spawner in the dark, and hit and run back from a creeper.

I especially love the camaraderie between a few of the players, like Vintage and Pause. I've actually started watching these videos much more than I spend time playing Minecraft. It's that much fun.