New Routines and Projects

I've been busy at work with a new project, compiling an assortment of articles into a book for an author. It's a good project to occupy me while I wait for 18 other edited publications to be laid out by our designer. This year will be a very productive one at work for me, when it comes to a full production schedule of publications.

In my time off from work I've been amused to no end by a particular group of Minecraft players called the Mindcrackers. They make Minecraft let's play videos and other video games as well. They're incredibly entertaining, and I particularly enjoy the ones who swear and get impatient a lot--much like I used to not too long ago!

I've been taking walks daily. My goal is to exceed 5,000 steps a day. This helps me health wise and well-being wise as well. I just wish the weather was sunny and dry so that I can take really long walks during my lunch hour!

I'm trying to find ways to grow professionally, as well. I've been taking the first of three online courses in technical writing. I just signed up today for the second course, which is set to begin on June 3. The first class was completed with great feedback from the instructor. I felt really encouraged while I took the course, and especially with the final project feedback the instructor provided me. Wish me luck with the second course!

I went in to the antique store where I have several items for sale in mid May and added some new treasures. I will go back on June 1 to pay the rent and check whether anything got sold. My contract there expires in late October, so I'll determine whether it was a fail or a moderate success.

As always, I'm exploring how I can grow as a person and as a professional. Not many answers come my way during my introspection and examination, but I've learned to let go of a lot more than I used to. Not that it's easier to let go, I just made up my mind that I just need to.

So that's an update of sorts. Not much creative wise except for some Minecraft builds I've been creating in creative mode.

Here's to a good start to summer!