Tracking Habits

I recently heard about a device that helps track lifestyle practices and offers metrics to compare one's progress in adopting positive habits. The product is called the Jawbone UP.

I've been reading recently about a trend of people my age (30s-40s) who are interested in obtaining metrics about their lifestyles so they can apply a more logical approach to improve areas that need help. Many folks like to focus on diet, others on exercise, others on sleep. Some others on a variety of these three and more habits as well.

The responsibility of tracking one's activities can be a burden for people who have little time. The trick with the UP wristband is that it's with you 24/7 and tracks your sleep and activity. You then use the complementary smartphone application to add detail in regards to your diet and other information.

Some folks use a journal to keep track of their physical activity and diet. This is fine for intensely detailed people who enjoy/make time time to journal on a regular basis each and every day. We all know I can't do something that anal retentive every single day...

The reason I bough my UP, is because I'm trying to improve a variety of lifestyle dimensions. Obviously, there's a certain wow factor related to having a brand new device that just hit the market. However, I'm more interested in tracking progress of personal health, especially in view of having a few issues over the past six or seven months that are of concern.

I'd love to use my UP to improve the variety in my diet, while reducing portion size, as well as increase my physical activity. Lately, I've been remiss in following my intended yoga regimen at my favorite studio. I've also not taken as long a walk with my dog as I'd like or as I used to.

The reason I'm sharing this here, is that I like to keep a record of some of my initiatives on this blog, so I can later look things up and have a reference point. With the weather (hopefully) warming up and my usual tendency to be outdoors more this time of year will hopefully combine to add some more physical activity in my day-to-day routine. It will be interesting to track a full year and see when some mood/activity changes take place.

Wish me luck and stay healthy out there! ;o)