A Note on Stoking Passion and Motivation

I wanted to follow up on my post (A Note on Motivation) where I describe how I've felt a little unmotivated. I would like to share how I've been trying to manage this sensation of demotivation, while still continuing to stoke my inner fire and get some traction in a number of ways. I'm all about traction hehe

Firstly, I'm taking three online technical writing certificate classes through the California State University. I've always been curious about technical writing, as a means to somewhat bridge my fascination with technology and my love of writing and editing. I wish I could code, alas I know that's not going to be, but this could be a great medium to get a little more involved in this arena.

Secondly, I'm researching opportunities for rounding out my professional skill set with other education and learning opportunities. The significant other just made me aware of a certification program that might be a good match for me, but I need to explore it further and study quite a bit. The first step has been taken, so we'll see how I go about this. I'm also planning on reading a bit and speaking with career counselors as good a way to learn more about the career counseling process, and what professional development and career growth are all about. I have always been interested in progressing in my career, but via hard work and not through networking and favoritism. Sort of against the grain if you will.

Thirdly, I'm using pleasant distractions to help stop negative thought loops. I have WAY too many anxiety inducing negative thought loops where I think about negative things that have happened. Distractions can seem like wasting time to some--including me sometimes!--but distractions help replenish the creative energy that gets sapped when there are challenges, after negative things happen, or when one is just plain upset or unhappy. And, let's face it, we all feel a little bit like this on occasion. It's a natural life cycle and part of the emotional roller coaster of today's busy lifestyles.

Some of my favorite distractions lately are playing Minecraft, watching Minecraft let's play videos on YouTube, and watching my favorite beauty gurus' YouTube videos. I also take long walks, do a little bit of yoga stretching here and there, and try to spend some quality time with Benny and the significant other unit.

Another potential activity I could add to this roster of distractions is going back and finishing reading the books I set up on my to-read list. I haven't gone back to my kindle in quite a few months. I could just place my kindle in my bag and read while I'm waiting in line or when there's a quiet moment.

I don't want to force any activities right now, because when I'm demotivated, it's easy to lose interest and instead get anxious about meeting a self-set goal. I'm trying the opposite, more laid back approach right now.

So there's my status update, if you will. I'm hoping to restore some of my inner fire and creativity. Wish me luck.