I Dream About Rooms

When I was in high school, I believe my Junior or Senior year, I bought a dream dictionary. I miss that book lately, because, for the past couple of weeks, any dreams that I remember typically feature me visiting, staying in, or looking through mazes of rooms.

Some are abandoned buildings, dirty and forgotten.

Some are hotel rooms, and, scarily, some have people sleeping in them! I run away when I realize my mistake. How can they possibly leave their doors unlocked?

Some are mansion rooms. Some are school rooms. Some are basement rooms.

At times, I dream about secret rooms or new rooms in one of the old homes I used to live in, years ago. Some of these dreams feature scary secret entrances with dangerous caves under basements, never seen before.

Whenever I dream about mansion basement guest rooms, they're modern lines with basic colors: fuchsia, deep red, black, and white. Comfortable but a little formal.

Sometimes I'm at a convention of some sort, so I see meeting rooms, lobbies, mezzanines, session rooms, ballrooms, and hotel rooms. Sometimes someone is waiting for me and I'm late or I never show up because I'm lost or get distracted exploring. Sometimes I'm trying to leave and I'm delayed.

At times, I dream about my high school, but it's completely changed.

There's always bathrooms. Showers, bath tubs, sinks, toilets, bidets, small bathroom windows. Very few times do I have a room dream where there are no bathrooms involved.

Most of the time, these rooms are an interwoven maze of guest rooms, huge walk-in closets, and bathrooms of all sizes and shapes. Sometimes there's stairs. Most times, there's elevators. There's people sometimes, other times there's no other people anywhere.  Very rarely are there monsters.

What does it all mean? I found some interesting articles and websites about rooms and their dream meanings. These are just a few of my findings, since there are quite a healthy amount of resources out there.