The Last Unicorn: A Purpose-Filled Career

I was reading an article on Fortune.com (3 Tools for Accelerating Your Purpose-Fueled Career) that was rather stimulating career-thinking wise.

I found out about a neat personality traits inventory survey from Kolbe.com that helps narrow down how you approach things and what activities seem to get the best out of you (the zone!).

I paid to take the A Index and the Career MO report. It was a straightforward survey of attitudes, approaches, and activities. As I read both reports I discovered the words to help me describe those activities which are zone-inducing and those activities which are stress inducing. I feel a little better than when I took the Briggs Meyers. I find this Kolbe Index to be realistic and applicable to today's career needs.

I came away with a good set of information and an interest in reading more about this system and their applicable suggestions for career pathing.

So many people seem to be going through a quarter- or mid-life crisis about their jobs. They ask themselves: Is it really a career? Is this what I want to be doing forever--or at least until I qualify to retire? Can't I find another job where I'm happier? I'm like anyone else, and also sometimes question my intentions and path.

Some folks, like me, like to go into personality tests, skill inventories, and the like to determine whether they can get a better perspective on what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, and what they should be doing and where. Although there are no clear-cut answers out there, these types of inventories help add a little more stepping stones on the path we're trying to edge out for our future.