Going to Comic Con Chicago

I'm very excited that, in the span of just 24 hours, I was able to learn about, decide on, and purchase my first ticket ever to a Comic Con. The particular one I'm going to is taking place this weekend in Chicago. I got a one day Friday ticket. :o)

I've never been to this kind of conference! But been meaning to go for some time. I have to main goals for going:

  • seeing some out of the ordinary, ordinary comic and maybe sci-fi fans 
  • to see how the local industry is being represented, if at all
I spent a few minutes reading the program for Friday (today) and checking whether there were any pay-and-sign type events with famous folks. I know Wil Wheaton, Zachary Quinto, Robert Rodriguez, and Stan Lee (of course!) will be the even'ts top hitters. Talk about putting stars in fans' eyes. Literally.

I didn't sign up for any pay-get-an-autograph type events, because I think I'll leave my schedule mostly to serendipity and see who I may run into while walking around and attending sessions. I prefer checking the nooks and crannies and discovering things as they may come, especially since I'm not a 100% UHC comic fan. Then again, I've been enjoying comics, in three countries, since I was a wee child!

I hope my camera is charged enough, my shoes comfortable enough, and my smartphone camera is smudge free enough. I'll have a follow up post later with how it went. *teehee*