Hear the Cicadas More

It's not summer unless I hear cicadas. Sure the humidity, levels of sunshine, and heat are all higher than usual in my general location...but it's not really summer unless the sweet, persistent serenade of cicadas wafts in from an open window.

Just like the cooling breeze, on a hot day, makes me stop and be grateful. The sound of cicadas reminds me of what summer used to be, or could be: lemonade, walking barefoot on the grass, watermelon, sandwiches, and carefree smiles. Maybe a bicycle bell ringing away in the distance.

I typically don't realize it's summer until about now, late July/early August. Which is a shame. Summer ends almost as quickly as you notice it's here...just like squeezing sand in your hand lets more out than in.

I think I miss the regularity and freedom of summer vacation from school. The yearly phases were a little more marked back then. Things seem to blur together a little more nowadays.

I need to sit out more. I need to grill out more. I need to go out under the trees, close my eyes, take a big breath, and then exhale it out with a smile. Enjoy summer more. That's your homework.