Reading: Wheat Belly

Last week I started listening to a book on audio in my car on my commute to and from work. I signed up on Wheat  Belly, by cardiologist William Davis. The audio book is read by Tom Weiner.
Audible and obtained a copy of a book I heard about,

I'm never an extremist when it comes to food, diet, and health, so I was coming into the book with a huge grain of salt. It turns out I was right to do so.

Althouth Mr. Davis has extensive data on the prominence of diabetes, celiac disease, and other health issues plaguing our modern day society in the US, he doesn't show clear data linkages between wheat, wheat belly, and health. In addition, he keeps referring to wheat and whole grains when in reality, after listening/reading far enough into the book, he's actually referring to processed foods that claim to contain wheat and whole grains. It's an important distinction.

There is a lot of build up against the whole grain diet recommended by government health agencies, when in reality he should have focused more on the individual's role in their own health. It's important to have a balanced diet, and if one focuses solely on processed, packaged foods (which claim to contain whole grains but it's just flour) then there's going to be a strong imbalance.

The thing I found the most tedious to listen to was the innumerable "guilty" or "bad" foods listed throughout various chapters.Or the sometimes gross symptoms that come along with major illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or gluten sensitivities.

The main reason I listened to this book was curiosity over this gluten-free fad that seems to have taken over the US over the last couple of years. I honestly can't say that I'm buying into any of it, but I'm glad I made the decision last year to avoid processed grains and foods in general, as much as possible.

All around, listening to books on my commutes has made the commute itself seem like it's flying by, and I enjoy being able to take care of some personal development or catching up to my reading list, anyway, while I'm at it.