My Youtube Minecraft Avatar

adventure girl jeda22
Apparently you can have two IDs on YouTube now.

I'm using my Mindcraft adventure girl skin paired up with my nickname (jeda21) to look at YouTube Let's Play for the Mindcrack guys.

I feel weird having my "old lady" pic while posting to vids where 10 year olds post.

It was fun downloading the Minecraft Skin Studio app (for Android) and personalizing one of the adventure girl skins I found there (shorter hair of course). It was incredibly easy to use the app, they did a really great job. It's too bad that it's only a mobile app with no browser client, but that's ok.

Mind you, my phone swype keyboard wrote down jeda22 instead of jeda21 and I didn't spot the typo in my excitement, so that's how the skin got named. Good times :D
adventure girl jeda22