Necessary Tools

I'm all about necessary career and work tools this week.

I signed up for a new online professional certificate program as I finish the third class (out of three) for another professional certificate.

I bought myself a collection of pens (Uni Ball Jetstream in black, colored ink, and red) and a new keyboard (Logitech K360, which is wireless and spill-proof, natch). These are the main tools that I depend on and use constantly in my work as a project coordinator and editor.

I would go so far as to say these tools are intimately connected to what I do. I'm not going to the extreme of saying that they're the oxygen that stokes the fire of my work. Nor will I use the old cliche that they're my bread and butter--though I could see them that way.

I am, however, going to say that I now understand why teachers go out of their way and spend a ton of money on classroom supplies every year, out of their limited salary, whenever they don't get the required tools to teach.