Reading Angels and Demons

I picked up Dan Brown's Angels and Demons on Audible. I'm a little shocked at how horrible this reads (listens?). I'm pretty sure it's not the voice actor, but rather, the writing.

I'm at around chapter 20 and we have only been given a preposterous lesson in halidron colliders and protons, a lot of gibberish about religion and a priest physicist. No real plot development AT ALL.

It's so disappointing to still have a dead body in a freezing-cold room upstairs waiting to be taken care of. Mr. Langdon seems quite the ponce when he barely raises an eyebrow while getting airlifted out of his country into Switzerland with no passport. This has absolutely no resemblance to real life.

My suspense of disbelief ain't taking any of it. I hope the book gets better, or gets to a point. Hopefully, sooner than later.