Reading with Audible

I am really, really enjoying my commutes ever since I started up listening to books on Audio on Audible about two weeks ago. Time seems to fly whenever I'm driving now.

I'm listening still to Red Dragon this week. It might be a longer book than I anticipated. The voice over actor does a great job as narrator (not so much when imitating characters) and the story is interwoven with an amazing set of experiential detail.

For example, a scene where a blind character notices the layout of a strange house by the noises (clock) and knows where a window is by feeling the residual heat on the kitchen floor from the afternoon soon coming in through...just amazes me. This ability to focus on enough detail to paint pictures in the reader's mind shows a writer who has worked out, seen in his mind's eye, what happens. The planning out of details, the descriptions, and the way people, events, and things dovetail is just awesome.

Of course, this is a gruesome crime book, so the topic itself is quite interesting. The story switches from one group of protagonists to the antihero, and back. You are moved out of your comfort zone and back again before you realize it.

I have a faint memory of having watched Manhunter, the movie based on this novel, a couple of years ago because William Petersen was in it (starring as Will Graham). I am definitely going to look this movie up again when I'm done "reading" this book. I may even look up the recent movie, Red Dragon, just for good measure. We'll see.