TV Watching Update

I won't lie, I was a little relieved that Breaking Bad finally ended. I did a total rush job on watching all the episodes ahead of the finale, and managed to finish two episodes prior--so I got to watch the last two episodes as they were released on the last two Sundays. Good times. Not sure whether I agree with that finale, I kept feeling like they dragged the last three episodes out a bit. But it was a fun and different ride.

Next up, wondering what could I occupy myself with (besides YouTube LP videos), I discovered a stash of DVR episodes of The Newsroom. I immediately made a good dent in this last night, but I still have a couple of episodes left. I find each episode very chock full of events and very engrossing. I enjoy the super fast dialogue exchanges--that's one of my favorite things. I feel bad for Maggie and what she had to go through when she went to Africa. It was an interesting way to approach the crisis journalists who report live from conflict areas and live fire areas can go through.

My mom suggested I give Doc Martin a try. I hadn't heard about this show at all, so I immediately thought of the shoe brand (spelled Doc Martens however) ;o) Apparently, Doc Martin is a British television series based on the misadventures of a doctor who leaves London and goes into practice in a sleepy town. It sounds like a potentially very good comedy, so I shall give it a try as soon as I'm done with my DVR. I want to clean up the space on my DVR so it's ready for new material.

I also miss Wallander, so I am going to check Amazon Instant Video for both the UK version and the original. Let's see if I find anything.

I'm a little peeved that Amazon doesn't carry new episodes of Midsomer Murders past season 13 (that's 2011!), so I may need to look elsewhere...perhaps YouTube rental? Redbox? I'll check around.