Reading Update

I curse the day I decided to follow someone's advice to pick up and read Stone's Fall. It's a shit book.

It could have been written so much better. Instead, it sermonizes on historical opinion at every turn to try to convince the reader about how things used to be prior to WWI and WWII. Not only that, but it's like two books in one. One is first person narrative, and the second is memoirs about the prequel of the narrative. Irritating.

Why not start with the death of the author of the memoir, and intersperse memory throughout from the reader's perspective? It would have been SO much better.

The only rule in writing is that the writer should show the reader, not tell. If you keep telling, rather than showing, the reader gets bored, feels excluded (or worse talked down to) and feels like the writer's tone is condescending.

So I am giving up on Stone's Fall audiobook on Audible for the foreseeable future. I have about 10 hours of listening pleasure left. Ha!

I went from the frying pan into the fire, however, as I picked up Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol on the rebound from Stone's Fall.

Another sermonizing type of book which is making me think of Dan Brown much like many think of M. Knight Shyamalan: repetitive and formulaic. I haven't yet decided who I  think is more naive, Dan or his womanizing, Catholic, leading  man Robert Langdon.

We'll see how this book progresses. Right now I'm two hours in, and I'm not even feeling lukewarm towards it.