Winter Sniffles

I finally fell victim to whatever influenza bug had been pestering my coworkers. I typically withstand until the very end, then catch it at the most inappropriate of times--like now, when I'm about to leave on vacation.

My poor throat is painfully sore, my lungs trying to cough up something horrible but failing, and a slight temperature is trying to insinuate itself out of the blue. The body aches are irritating, and I wish I could just go bury myself under the bed covers with Benny until spring time. I certainly miss the ability of sleeping straight through, from when I put my head on the pillow until the morning.

But reality requests my full attention, so I am present and accounted for notwithstanding a hoarse voice, painful throat, and inflamed bronchial...er...things.

To help alleviate some of my symptoms, I am drinking tons of lemon and honey decaf tea. The lemon and honey help disinfect and rehabilitate the immune system. I also made a soup earlier this week with tons of veggies and garlic. On another day this week I ate a lot of raw onion, which, regrettably, caused me some heartburn. Today, I treated myself to a big commuter cupful of lemon ginger tea with extra lemon and honey. If only this cup was infinite, with this lovely, soothing, and comforting tea.

I'm hoping that between the cough syrup, some antibiotics I found that expire in January, a few ibuprofen, and the hot teas I'll feel up to par with traveling. We'll see. :S