Another Reading Update

I just finished speed-reading "Back to Eden" by Jethro Klass (1949, updated 1988). This is a great, thick softcover focused on explaining and exposing the benefits of a more natural, back-to-the-earth diet and lifestyle. Some of the recommendations (such as low fat milk products) are currently being questioned in nutrition and health circles, but otherwise all around it's an enjoyable primer. I personally was surprised to find a section in the book about all sorts of health remedies from wild growing plants. This can make a very useful primer for someone who is into foraging.

I also started listening to the audiobook of Inferno, by Dan Brown. This is another sequel (the latest) under the Robert Langdon series of books. It's been hard getting into it at the very beginning but it's catching steam. For once, instead of hiding plot information, we're discovering it along with the protagonist and his (of course) female companion du jour. The World Health Organization is a piece of the puzzle, and who exactly plays the role of the evil doer is still not crystal clear yet. Let's see how it goes.