India Trip

The significant other unit and I visited our India side of the family for ten lovely days and just came back. This was my third trip, and I enjoyed seeing how much has changed since my first trip, in late 2003!

Here are some snaps that either I or other family members captured with my cell phone camera.

The main reason for our visit was attending a wedding, but it's so nice to be around lots of family for a change and visiting old favorite places.

I really enjoyed waking up while listening to the layers of sound of a waking city. Calls from a minaret to prayer around 5:30 am, while the musical and unusual honking of trucks and road traffic on a nearby highway rose up gradually, and, of course, the occasional dog fight in the street. 

A quick peek outside the front door into the entry courtyard revealed bright skies and lovely flora all around--instead of the icy snow of Chicago, ha! The weather was so much better during this trip, than when we visited in August of 2012--I certainly didn't miss the stifling heat and rain. FTW!

My favorite things while visiting were spending time/conversing with the significant other unit's sister and her husband, seeing how much the nephews (3) and nieces (2, one of which is now married) have grown up, and a quick trip to Bangalore (a new city for me!).

I hope to one day maybe have an apartment in Hyderabad near sister's house so we can still drop by and stay up until 1 am talking about all sorts of topics, or just quietly enjoying their lively company.  We could keep some things in that apartment so we don't have to bring and take so much luggage each time. Well, maybe some day.

Oh, and maybe learning the local dialect/language would help too, on future trips. ;o)