Still Hibernating

I'm still hibernating, though this past weekend I went out both days (whohoo!). I keep being incredibly sleepy and un-motivated. I never take naps unless it's serious, and on Saturday afternoon, the significant-other-unit, the dog, and I all fell asleep around 4:30 pm. I woke up briefly at 6 pm-ish to sleep-walk to the bed upstairs and didn't wake up until the next day.

I know, I know, I'm a barrel of fun. XD

At least Benny got his vet visit in, while an avalanche of snow came down all Saturday. He has all his vaccines updated for the coming year. Apparently, he lost a little weight, so I will supplement his two daily meals with some doggie biscuits. I need to start brushing his teeth several times a week, or he's going to get an infection, per the vet.

He seems to get really excited when he needs to go walk over the snow drifts, but otherwise he sleeps a lot like usual. I really miss my warmer weather walks. I think everyone I know has cabin fever.

Even though temperatures are below zero Fahrenheit today, the sun is out. Silver lining? Maybe.