TV Watching

It's not really a TV watching update, since we stopped our cable service back in October 2013. But I've nonetheless been watching TV series on Netflix.

I completed Alphas, which was a really great show until the ending. When it kind of crapped out.

I also started and completed Hemlock Grove, which is a mixture between True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and old B horror movies. Maybe even a little bit of Rosemary's Baby towards the end.

Hemlock Grove features Famke Janssen and one of the Skargards, Bill (brother to Alexander who plays Eric Northman on True Blood, and son of Stellan who's known as Dr. Erik Selvig on the Marvel Thor series of movies). Bill S. reminds me of a very young James Spader and his character in Grove reminds me a little bit of American Psycho.

It's been nice breaking up my usual YouTube gamer LP video watching marathon, and instead getting involved with new characters and storylines.

Even the significant other unit became enthralled with Alphas, and his favorite character was Gary because he reminded him a little of my disconnected conversations hahaha Gary is a likeable character, and the most consistent throughout the series. All the other characters go through many changes and challenges.

I'm not sure what I think of Hemlock Grove. It feels a lot like an old story, or a combination of a lot of old stories, that's being revisited for younger generations. A little soap opera-ish and a little horror movie ish, without too much visible gore, which is both a plus and a little unusual for today's genre modus operandi.

I like getting swept up in TV series, though it doesn't happen very often. I many times end up watching series to their conclusion only out of a sense of obligation since I used to like them before they turned crappy or really stopped make sense...kind of like The Walking Dead.

I am very much looking forward to the next series that captures my attention :)