A Rant on The World Cup

I'm a notch angry with Brasil with how they're treating their favela (and this) citizens in comparison of all the money being thrown at the World Cup.

They throw money at tourists, yet there are not enough hotel rooms (see this, and also, this), and ditch their social responsibility to their own local economy and citizens.

It reminds me of how the Chicago Public Housing Authority forcefully vacated and later demolished several dangerous public housing units, displacing the criminals and lawful citizens who had called those home for several generations.

I hate when politicians make a show to the world with a false facade, and try to hide their "dirty laundry" under the carpet. It irks me like few things do.

Be upright, be good to your people, expect the best and plan for the best. Don't ditch your responsibilities and leave things for "show" purposes. Get real politicians! GRRR.

Meanwhile, I'll not be watching any World Cup matches. My own type of boycott or silent protest. I'll just catch up using Twitter.