Vacation Update Day 2

Today was going to be different. I had errands and fun shopping to do!

Yesterday's trip and lack of sleep turned into a knock-em-dead kind of drowsiness that surprised even me. But after a couple of nappy winks, I couldnt go to sleep until after 11 pm. Where's my melatonin pills when I need em?!

All the same, I took advantage and watched several episodes of Leverage on Netflix on my phone. My 5-year-old laptop's screen died the night before.

It's sunny and 64F at 10:00 am? I'll take it! Nothing beats taking a warm shower after good-enough sleep while warm, blindingly bright sunshine rays stream over me. A sunlight shower.

Head out in the car, then U-turn back to check whether I forgot to shut the garage door...nop it's all good, just old age ;o)

Ah, fresh air in my lungs and sunlight warming my skin.