Condo Update

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we recently bought our next home, a two bedroom, two bath condominium (coach home) in Arlington Heights. We've learned a lot about remodeling, and can't wait till we can move in!

It's been stressful, tense and somewhat chaotic, but our remodeling project is almost coming to a close. Yes. I've sworn a lot. And, yes, I've cursed the previous owner. Not my best moments.

What happened is that as we dug deeper into various surface issues, we realized some things ran deeper and required much more elbow grease and investment.

We've remodeled the entire kitchen due to sanitary and safety reasons. We have a new oven and dishwasher. Our cabinets are finally installed, but not our countertop and sink. There may be an irritating delay, but it'll eventually get worked out. We're going to actively pursue this to get it done as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we can focus and appreciate those things that went well:
  • the entire house was painted in a peachy/yellow color - very Mediterranean, bright and airy
  • all our trim and doors were painted white, and this made the biggest difference in making the space look brighter and larger than it is
  • we have a really cool new clothes washing machine
  • we have a cool new bed (a Sleep Number bed!)
I really like the condo, and the neighborhood. And we got to meet the lovely elderly couple across the hallway from us.

I am excited and see a bright future there. I can't wait to move in.