Reading: Jane Fonda's My Life So Far

A month or so ago I read Jane Fonda's autobiography, and enjoyed learning more about a very dynamic woman.

I've always known Jane Fonda as the lady my mom listened to in the 80s as she exercised. Though, back then, her voice was in Spanish (we lived in Mexico) on the LPs and cassette tapes.

It wasn't until later years that I learned that she had suffered with body image and eating disorder issues. So that made her much more relatable to me.

I hadn't really seen many of her movies, just Barbarella and 9 to 5. Maybe a couple more but they obviously didn't stick in my mind.

She was a bit infamous in the US, among some groups, for her anti-war phase.

The book is arranged chronologically from her earlier years up to the present. It was fascinating to see how dysfunctional many of her relationships have been, and what important lessons she feels obligated to share to women everywhere, who may also fall prey to the same thought processes.

Her book is part therapy and part biography. It's very interesting seeing how she put others, especially her male partners, ahead of herself and regretted it from the beginning. It's also interesting seeing how she copes with guilt of being an absent mother. All important elements in how people grow and develop mentally and emotionally.

I enjoyed the writing style, the tone, the advice, and her story. I am looking forward to watching her Netflix television show with Lily Tomlin (Grace and Frankie).