Reading: Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes

I took a little too long to write this review, because I'm now two books ahead of my reviews.

Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes is a crime, suspense kind of book which I really enjoyed. It explores the themes of sadism, terrorism and insanity.

Steven King usually leaves areas open in his books where an editor or someone can fill in elements and jargon from the day to help bring the stories to a relatable space in time for the (constant) reader.

Many elements bring the story to a realistic version of today, including the crazed tweens and a boy band, which is a recurring element in at least one other book. I also enjoyed the role of the Internet in this particular story as a tool for evil.

The antihero here was developed in a way that you could find out what he was like when he was young, and you had equal parts pity and disgust towards his actions.

This story reminded me a little of The Red Dragon by Richard Harris. Very interesting in the sense it made you revisit that old question, is it nature or nurture which brings people to be the way they are or do the things they do. And another antihero who is looking to evolve beyond his current state.

Great writing, as always, with believable, relatable characters and good descriptions with enough room for the reader to fill in the blanks in his or her mind.