Watching: Netflix's Grace and Frankie

I had been waiting for the premiere of this show on Netflix full of anticipation, as I am a big fan of both Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. And you can't beat 9 to 5.

I knew the storyline would revolve around the two husbands divorcing the leading ladies and marrying because they were gay, but I didn't realize how lovely it would be to see strong women finding themselves after a major life change, and being true to their sense of self. It's very empowering to see them build up after being torn down. In no small way, does this reflect the realities of Hollywood where older actresses are relegated to the mothers or grandmothers anymore.

I was curious to see what the storyline would be like. Humorous, very a propos to our times and I'm sure a great conversation starter.

The first couple of episodes were a little painful because the actors' timing wasn't that great. I think they were testing each other out and trying to find their chemistry. It was all a lot smoother from there.

All around it's a fun, entertaining and lovingly curated serial. Easy to watch, humorous at times and each of the characters are relatable - though I find Sheen's and Waterston's chemistry not as good as I would like.

It's a real treat to see Ernie Hudson and Craig T. Nelson. And that hilarious ex-convict, who became a sort of running gag, well, kind of.

I can't wait to see what season 2 holds. Good job to the producers, writers and actors.