Developing a Personal Credo

One of my passion projects this past week has been to develop a Personal Credo (writing exercise example, leadership credo example).

A credo is a statement of your beliefs and values that guide your actions. I think I'm 90% there, but of course, as I grow as a person, this will evolve with me.

Personal Credo

I believe in being ethical and aware, treating everyone around me with kindness, respect and compassion. And above all, I try to have sunshine inside of me to share with those around me.

I am passionate about language and helping people be the best communicators they can be.
Everything everyone needs to succeed is inside of them, they just need to peel back the layers.

I love working in diverse groups, but I need to focus on analysis and writing in the zone during alone time. I believe in taking the time to building trust, structure and a strong foundation for any partnership.

I continue to accept challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. There are no mistakes, only lessons.  The only right way is forward.