So Far This Year I've Learned...

That if my eyes are weepy, I need to slow down and put some eyedrops in.

If I'm getting impatient and cranky, I'm actually Hangry.

There's no such thing as too much water, especially when I drink very little already. I'm keeping a glass bottle filled to the brim at my work desk now.

If something seems overwhelming or impossible, I need to back-burner it and take a break.

That green grass is always comforting.

That EDM ambient music is even more fun to listen to while driving through a fog bank.

That hygge and fika are the next best spectacular Scandinavian imports since the simple aesthetic and clean lines of their furniture.

That Midsomer Murders is my second favorite all time murder mystery TV show (after Murder She Wrote).

That although political figures change drastically at times, the bloated systems they run sometimes won't change drastically alongside them, to negatively impact people. It's like steering the Spruce Goose.

That sterling silver jewelry can be amazing no matter the dress code.

That a teapot and tall cups or mugs can go a long way in making for a leisurely conversation.

That the overpriced merchandise of rewards programs are not worth it.

That a sense of adventure can be stoked at the smallest suggestion, and bring amazing journeys and lessons.

That there's no such thing as too many cuddles with furry babies.