Blog Trifecta and Revamp

(this has also been posted on my Interwebs blog)

Starting this past Thursday I revamped my two blogs (this one you're reading and, this other one) and added a third. My third blog will focus on Internet, related book reviews, and other assorted andrelated matter I run into on my cyber-wanderings.

If you look at the right-hand side of any of these three blogs, you'll notice:
  • a chiclet to add this to your technorati favorites
  • a chiclet to share this blog to any amount of social sites
  • you can subscribe to my blog RSS or via email updates
  • my adsense box
  • my Google Associates store link -- check out my store and suggested items!
  • the about me blurb and pic
  • Each blog varies in the content from here on down: and a number of links, favorite blogs, RSS feeds ofinterest, my twitter feed (@jeda_21), etc.
I'm very proud of myself for having figured out how to add adsense to blogger, how to create an amazon associates store **and** link it to the blogs, and for having figured out how to add an RSS feed or email option for subscribers (courtesy of Feedburner). This is an achievement for someone who has moderate-to-high old skool HTML skills and a lot of persistence and investigative skills... if I do say so myself ^_^

*pats self on back* ^_^;